“Who’s gonna fly your plane when you need to make your getaway?”

“The Getaway” by Athlete | There’s a memory I associate with this song that I probably should not even try to remember, mostly because there’s no point in doing so. So yes, this is perhaps my favorite song off Athlete’s fourth album Black Swan, the English band’s quietly-released take on beginnings and endings. The album’s lead single, “Superhuman Touch”, sounds like what it’s called: a technicolor anthem of love, love and, well, love. A friend described it, perhaps rightly, as very romantic. But this friend was getting on my nerves at the time; she always had the need to prove that she’s better by showing this and that off. And another friend of mine, who I met through the former, shared the same views, and we got a bit close because of it, going as far as plotting some comic strip project that parodies this very thing. “Besides,” I told the latter, “she’s wrong; ‘The Getaway’ is a more romantic song than ‘Superhuman Touch’.” I was going for gloopy, but she agreed with me, and I liked that she did, but not the fact that, months later, when my emotions went haywire and I decided I was in love with her when I wasn’t supposed to, she pretty much jerked me around. I remember this now without feeling anything, not even anger, mind; I am now happily in a relationship, my first, and hopefully my last. As I said, I should not even try to remember that thing I associate with “The Getaway”. (The version I posted here must be an American cut: it’s terrible and clichéd and, well, off. Try the album version.) But then again, I have written it down. [NB]

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