Review: When the Night by St. Lucia

When the Night by St. LuciaJean-Philip Grobler has had a hand in several remixes, and has also manned the producer’s desk for Haerts – not to mention released a couple of EPs – but now he’s finally releasing a full-length album, and one that pushes his euphoric electronica to places. When The Night fills the room with a lot of uplift, in the synths that dominate the record, to the occasional worldly beat (like in the sublime “We Got It Wrong”). It’s lush, it’s sunny, and yet it can be intense and crazy, and while I ultimately feel a bit pummeled by all the happiness – especially when the album shifts away from radio-friendly tracks like “Elevate” to seven-minute dance floor staples – like-minded people will lap this up. This is one of those reviews where the worst part is the reviewer and not the record, but no, I won’t be apologizing for it. [NB]3/5


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