“I don’t want to live that life again.”

“Let Down” by Dead by Sunrise | Okay, Adrian. I am catching up. I have, what, one more song left, right? And I’ve been composing the blog entry for that one in my head because, well, let’s keep that a surprise. Anyway, he mentioned Chester Bennington’s other band after the whole Stone Temple Pilots thing – that other band not being Linkin Park, but another one, Dead by Sunrise. Did my sister ever mention this to me? Anyway, this band, according to Chester, isn’t a one-time thing, but they released their only record back (where this song came from) in 2009, and the band’s been on an indefinite hiatus since, obviously because everybody has other stuff to do, like changing religions or being with more successful bands. Also, this song feels meh to me. Sometimes a man can stretch himself too thin, right? [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

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