Review: Prism by Katy Perry

Prism by Katy PerryPrism‘s predecessor was such a huge hit that we had to wait for three whole years for another Katy Perry album to come out. It would’ve been better if she wore her symbolic blue wig performing these songs. Or maybe it’s just me. Doesn’t listening to “Walking On Air” conjure neon colors in your imagination? We’re looking at a tamed party girl music here, I guess, with bits of late 80s electropop here and there. I wish “Ghost” was more ballad-y, although “By The Grace of God” gave me something it couldn’t. It’s the type of song that goes out to everyone who can’t keep their shit together. I even had to stop myself from crying! “Birthday” and “This Love” ultimately won my heart by sporting those 80s vibes that reminded me of Breakfast Club. So. If Prism was a novel, it would’ve been the story of a strong woman’s love suicide and how she put herself back, piece by piece. [SY] | 4/5

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