“(scary loud wailing)”

“Projekt Terrror” by Stalaggh | Excuse me, but I have every excuse to creep you out today. Well, excuse me anyway. Today’s Halloween, after all. I was torn between this and The Nightmare Before Christmas‘ “This is Halloween” (not to mention Panic! at the Disco’s rendition of the awesome soundtrack) but Stalaggh (the core of which has since formed Gulaggh) is just… they’re basically a Belgian-Dutch band whose peg is to let us feel despair by taking nihilistic to a different… different. I was gonna say level. But Rainy Martini does not backspace so. The vocalists in this disturbing track are mental institution patients with various histories. Could be psycho or sociopath. We also have rape victims and abused children to boot. I didn’t listen to the entire track because I ended up crying. Just to let you know I’m a total creepo and I love reading Creepy Pasta, leafing through medical thrillers… you get the gist. But I chickened out. So, happy Halloween. Maybe I should dress as a chicken tonight. A fried one. [SY]


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