Review: Hush by Miss A

Hush by Miss AMiss A’s latest effort is… well, it’s okay. I mean they’d always had my support from the moment they came out with “Bad Girl Good Girl”. Hush feels a little too hushed for me though. It’s like the album is living up to its name. It would’ve been a perfect title track but they made their listeners wait for a climax that never comes. I waited throughout the song, and hours after listening to it I’m still waiting for god knows why. I love the guitar, I love the vocals. But clearly there’s something missing. Maybe a little more bass? More guitars? More electro? God I don’t know. Of course there are some tracks that did not disappoint as much. “Love is U” is lovely, and so is “(Mama) I’m Good”. Still, I expect so much from the group. They have excellent dancers, for one. [SY]3/5


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