Live things: Greenlight Music Festival 2013

The only good photo we have isn't that good either: Reese Lansangan (and a rock behind her) at the Greenlight Music Festival.

This review isn’t going our way. Rainy watched the Greenlight Music Festival, held at the Greenfield District last night, intending to do a review, but when she found out she wouldn’t have a camera, we ended up doing a roundup of her tweets from the event. So I made this custom timeline up. But WordPress’ Javascript allergy meant that won’t go live either. So we end up with this hodge-podge of tweets. It’s not fancy, it’s not ideal, but we have to make the most of what we have, eh?

So yeah, Rainy tweeted through most of the event last night. She lasted up to the Up Dharma Down set, and then went home because she was too sleepy to watch Urbandub. (The event went on until two in the morning, we think.) But we’ll be following up on at least one act from the festival in the coming week. So that should do, eh? Anyway, for now, here are Rainy’s tweets. And WordPress, if you’re reading this, please allow us to embed those custom timelines, please. [NB] (Photograph courtesy of Rainy Martini.)

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