Review: Harvest of Gold by Gossling

Harvest of Gold by GosslingWhile I understand why people compare Gossling – Melbourne-based Helen Croome, otherwise – to Joanna Newsom, I don’t quite believe it fully. There’s, of course, their similar vocal styles, that quirky-verging-on-weird affectation that somehow manages to deliver everything and then some. But Joanna has that fairy tale feel, the sort that tells you, “this is a fantasy, come along!” Helen, on the other hand, is of the indie pop mold. Hers is just an element, and it has to work with everything else. Harvest of Gold is her debut album, and it’s a vaguely Hot Chip-ish collection of tracks that toe the line between summery (it is December in Australia, after all) and gloomy, and somehow it works. Melancholy isn’t the whole shebang, but neither is fun. It’s similarly enchanting without being overbearing, but the thing is, it doesn’t quite make the impact you expect it to deliver. It’s pleasant, but that really is it. Not a failure on her part, of course: it is her first record, after all, and she still has some growing to do, and I hope she gets there. And besides, the perceived blandness here is enchanting. [NB] | 3/5


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