“My heart goes sha-la-la-la-la…”

“Sha-La-La-La-La” by Walkers | Tonight’s our office Christmas party, which means we all dance again, and in my case, we all dance 90s stuff. A few weeks ago I was doing a mix of 90s pop hits, but somehow we ended up with this Steps song (more on that on another day) and this one. Okay, so this is a 1970s song, by Danish band Walkers, a considerable hit in Denmark, and thanks to its 70s aesthetic, a definitely more endearing one. I ended up using the Vengaboys version, because that version was everywhere when I was a little kid. (Eat Bulaga had a dance contest to this one.) And then, just now, literally just now, I realize that I likely used the wrong version for the mix – this song was released in 2000, and I was probably thinking of Dreamhouse’s 1998 cover of this song. Dammit, I most likely got it wrong. But it would’ve made my mix harder, so meh. [NB]

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