“And I testify that life is good.”

“Testify” by Chocolate Grass | As I am not a man about town, I have to rely on people who do watch gigs (a lot) to turn me on to new local artists. (This is one reason why I call myself a “sort-of music blogger”.) Eena recommended one such band last month: neo-soul outfit Chocolate Grass, who just released their EP five weeks ago. She particularly pointed towards the stage presence of vocalist Nikki Cabardo Abs Haw – “her voice, her moves, how she performs,” she said. “Labels, watch out. She’s phenomenal.” I’m only judging from this one video – the closest we have to a music video at the moment; YouTube’s full of live performances however – and there is something entrancing about her. A completely different animal from, say, Kat Agarrado of SinoSikat?, who’s all out sultry and jazzy. Nikki’s a little more playful here, outwardly shy but everything seeps out anyway. But then again, I have to watch her live to describe that properly. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

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