The 7107 IMF open thread

[We posted our last update on 02/21/14. Click here to see our post-festival tweet roundup.] Since it’s now clear that we’ll be spending more time than usual with the already controversial 7107 International Music Festival, we’ve decided to do an open thread blog entry. We’ll update this with the things we hear and/or observe as they come and/or occur to us. If we write something long again, we’ll post it here. So think of this as your one-stop shop. Or at least we’ll try to make it so. The updates are ordered reverse chronologically, meaning the newest ones are on top. You can also read my take on the festival’s recent conduct, and also follow us on Twitter for even more snap thoughts. [NB]

02/21/14 21.23: And that is it for the 7107 open thread. This is the final update; there won’t be any tomorrow because, well, the festival is already on and we’ll do some wrap-up coverage by then.

Now, about that. We were going to have an actual review of the festival, written from the grounds. The newest member of our team, Dexter, signed on to write about 7107 – he bought tickets alongside the group discount thing last Christmas. But in a weird twist, his friend brought his pass to Cambodia, and said friend lost her passport, and now she’s stranded there. So, unless she manages to send the wristbands over to him by tonight, he won’t be going.

I told him it’s a shame he couldn’t go, mostly because he already paid for the tickets and there’s no way he’ll get his money back.

I say this because I believe there are perceptions that I’m just one of those haters who want to see the festival fail. I still want 7107 to succeed, although that stance is increasingly difficult to make, especially in the past couple of days, if you’re not involved in any way. I would have not covered this festival as extensively as I have, but when we drafted up those plans for a live review, I decided we might as well stick around as the controversy (admit it) brewed.

Also, I wanted to keep that review a surprise until tomorrow. But you know Murphy’s Law.

It’s been an interesting, and lately nerve-wracking, ride. Don’t worry. I’ll still do the planned tweet roundup of the event on Monday at the earliest. I’m interested to know how the festival turned out, more so now with the controversy attached to it. Whatever happens, we’ll be there to cover it, one way or another.

Oh, and I still hope I don’t get sued. As far as I know, I’ve been fair with my coverage.

02/21/14 16.09: Another one from Tina Herrera: the VIP lounge has a pool. One small pool, but still, a pool. Or a jacuzzi. I don’t know. The weather forecast for Clark for the weekend, however: partly sunny with a chance of a slight shower.

And I sit here waiting for a direct message the 7107 people said they’ll send me on Twitter, which is why they followed me in the first place.

02/21/14 14.02: Tina Herrera tweets that the Red Hot Chili Peppers are here in the Philippines. No photos, though, although her Twitter account has a lot of scenes from Clark itself. In other news, I scratch my head at the number of Twitter ticket giveaways still going on today. I mean, event’s tomorrow, right? To be fair, a bunch of people are still looking to buy or win tickets…

02/21/14 13.14: I missed this amidst all the brouhaha yesterday: an article from the Inquirer‘s Pocholo Concepcion providing a first look at the 7107 festival grounds. Apart from photos of the two stages and a report of a wi-fi van from Smart, the article quotes 7107 head honcho Mike Pio Roda claiming that they have sold 70% of their tickets, but “I don’t look at the numbers every day, to be honest.” That’s an estimated 14,000 people out of the expected 20,000 attendees (and 35,000-people capacity of the venue). Again, it’ll never be clear if how much of that 70% were giveaways.

A bit of overanalysis: most of the tickets were sold in the early months of promotion, before the line-up was revealed. Tina Herrera’s 65% figure was during the press launch a month back, so basing on that, ticket sales actually crawled since. And we’re not even sure if all those 14,000 people will show up, given how many people are still selling their tickets on Twitter. I’m seeing tweets that essentially go “I have to sell these now, please buy them, now!” Prices are now, mostly, judging from the tweets I’ve seen, negotiable.

Also, in case you haven’t figured it out yet, no camping is allowed on the festival grounds. And no overnight parking either. So no, you can’t sleep in your car, if you’re bringing one.

02/21/14 12.21: The 7107 Twitter account just followed me. Not the earthings! Twitter account, but my personal Twitter account. Stay tuned…

02/21/14 11.21: All I’m doing in covering 7107 is to monitor its progress – partly because of the backlash from the public in the last couple of months – until the moment the festival begins, which is tomorrow. Now, it turns out, the festival has deeper connections with everything else, and covering it is getting more complicated. With that, I’d like to announce that this live thread will end tonight, as I originally planned. With the festival starting tomorrow, I bet everybody else will have it covered, especially after yesterday’s revelations.

Anyway, back to things at hand. @AdvProblems on Twitter showed me a screen cap of Rappler reporter Natashya Gutierrez and Cristina Cu, the daughter of Globe CEO Ernest Cu. His point: the two are friends, seemingly close at that, and that suggests a possible motive for the latter’s report on 7107 yesterday. (Smart, Globe’s competitor, is the only major sponsor to the event.) He’s since put his Twitter account to private, so I unfortunately can’t show you the whole image, but, yes, I have screen caps of our conversation. I learned something from this coverage, at least:

7107 International Music Festival

He also pointed out that Mo Twister – who’s been attacking 7107, and particularly organizer Tina Herrera, on his shows – is also sponsored by Globe. Or at least his web show (a video of which I posted here weeks ago) is.

So, if I understood him correctly, he’s suggesting all of this negative publicity towards 7107 is cooked up by Globe to undermine a competitor. A bit of a conspiracy theory, if you ask me, but I thought I’d ask Natashya herself. “Not true,” she tweeted me, in reply to me asking whether her friendship with Cristina motivated the report. “Nothing personal. Article [is] based on data simply asking legitimate questions.” Yes, I’d say there’s a bit of a campaign to discredit Rappler. Not that I’m judging or anything, but that’s what it looks to me. Will there be a next move?

02/21/14 07.50: Good morning. I smell a busy day ahead; I hope it isn’t.

I’m sort of inclined to agree with KC Montero’s tweet last night, in the midst of the immediate reaction to the Rappler report. “All this Napoles mud-throwing at 7107 is ridiculous,” he said. “You know they aren’t the only people with money.” And he’s right. The Rappler report, again, does not explicitly say the Napoles clan is funding the festival; they also don’t have their hands on every financial statement needed to prove the organizers’ capability to fund the project. Nonetheless, the question the report isn’t explicitly asking begs to be answered: who else is funding the event? Who is the angel investor keeping the festival afloat? Many festivals have been cancelled because of a lack of funds – it just happened to a one-day event in Melbourne – and, if the report is to be believed, 7107 should have sensibly wrapped up. But it’s still happening.

That said, it’s clearer that the festival organizers went about with mounting the event with little preparation. Sure, there’s the long delay in revealing the full line-up, and the initial insistence on not releasing day passes despite the demand, but booking the Red Hot Chili Peppers without the money needed to pay them? Far too YOLO to make me comfortable.

I saw someone, forgot who, raise an interesting point: what do the international acts have to say about this?

02/20/14 21.28: Am I smelling the beginning of a campaign to discredit Rappler? “Please don’t believe [them],” Wave 891 DJ (and possibly another organizer; I don’t know, honestly) Ron Poe said on Twitter. “We are all for the love of music.” Then again, the Rappler article did not say Napoles was involved with the festival directly – they just said there’s a venture between a Napoles and one of the Herreras, but that’s it. Or am I reading things wrong?

02/20/14 20.54: Tina Herrera has gone on Facebook to rant about the Rappler report on the festival’s funding sources. “Professional jealousy at its best,” quotes her as saying. “Thanks for the [second] negative feature, Rappler … Though Rappler writers still insist on creating lies about us and 7107 because we are competing with their events industry friends… what’s important is that we keep our focus. And experiences like this give you an opportunity to demonstrate your strength… and that is what I am really grateful for.” This is going to get messy, I feel.

02/20/14 17.43: Jon Herrera refutes the allegation on the Rappler report that they couldn’t be contacted for Natashya Gutierrez’s article. The website’s response was that emails he released – with Rappler head honcho Maria Resse – were off the record. Told you, there will be more.

02/20/14 17.04: I wrote a 551-word reaction to the Rappler report. I was drafting it since noon today, but after finishing it, I was having serious second thoughts. The Cybercrime Prevention Law’s controversial provisions on online libel were just deemed (partially) constitutional by the Supreme Court, after all. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t say anything inflammatory, but my gut is saying I might be sued. I consulted a couple of my friends, and they said I shouldn’t publish it. Not that they see anything wrong with it, either, but things are reaching a boiling point and they think I should not risk it. So, that break down I promised earlier? It’s not going here. I’m sorry about that.

But here’s what I’ll say. The Rappler article feels like a turning point for the whole thing. It’s a report that has people talking. It’s a report that will fan the flames, so to speak. I have a feeling things will get really interesting in the next three days, and the weeks thereafter. Also, personally, I just want to go back to blogging about the songs I discover on foreign radio. I’m tired of all of this, and I can’t wait for all this to be over. But I doubt it will be.

02/20/14 11.39: Rappler’s Natashya Gutierrez is still on the case of how 7107 is funded. Her investigative report on the website today reveals that the organizers just don’t have the means to shoulder expenses for such a huge event using their own funds, as they claim. This is a pretty explosive read, as it solidifies the long-rumored connection with alleged pork barrel scammer Janet Lim Napoles. Unfortunately I am doing day job duties right now, so I’ll break all of this down later this afternoon.

02/20/14 08.24: The 7107 billboard at C5 – the one I took a photograph of a few weeks back – has been, surprisingly, taken down. Okay, that’s a misnomer: for the past week there were two 7107 billboards on the same location, and today the bigger one was replaced by a Vans billboard. (Vans is a sponsor of the festival; they lent at least two of their billboard spaces to the cause.) I find it odd because the event is just two days away. But nybody who tends to read into things too much might say the event organizers have given up on promoting the event. I mean, the only buzz I see about it – apart from the inevitable news articles – come from skeptics or those who are selling their passes.

Speaking of selling tickets – still not allowed, officially – I was talking with a friend last night about those wristbands. I remember it being mentioned that those passes have RFID tags that are scanned upon entry. That’s why I think the name of the ticket buyer will show up once you scan in. (That’s also why I think the organizers don’t allow even legitimate buyers from selling their passes.) I wonder if the same is the case for group purchases? If you were one of those who availed of the group discounts at the end of December, did 7107 ask for the names of everyone in your group, or just the one person actually doing the buying?

That said, it’s likely that more people are selling their passes now because they have their hands on it, unlike a few weeks back, when all everybody had were confirmation emails.

02/19/14 13.16: Yesterday I finally caved in and decided to do a search for tweets about 7107 – which meant seeing people spam whoever was giving away tickets. (Last night it was Smart. I don’t envy the social media guy they assigned to monitor the entries.) Anyway, I write this update to confirm what Dexter mentioned a week ago: when you search for “7107” on Twitter, you do see a lot of people selling their tickets. It’s safe to say at least half of them bought tickets but couldn’t make it for some reason. A good chunk of tweeters also seem to want to go to the concert but find Pampanga so far away; a similarly good chunk of tweeters really just want to go. Hey, there’s an idea: Twitter’s basically a marketplace for festival tickets at this point – why not try searching? If you can filter out all those who spam out of desperation for tickets – there are some of them – you might get lucky.

02/18/14 12.43: They took down the first day schedule because, apparently, they forgot to put in Natives. Here’s the revised first day schedule, with Natives (and Asteroids Galaxy Tour) performing in the middle of the afternoon.

02/18/14 12.20: Well, they tweeted it anyway. Here’s the first day’s, and here’s the second day’s. Performances start at noon (gates open at noon, right?) and end, at least on the main stage, by midnight. I can’t help but feel bad for the “second stage”, which feels like an afterthought.

Someone on Twitter just wondered why Empire of the Sun is performing ahead of Kendrick Lamar. She does have a good point. EOTS has two albums, sure, but they’re ultimately glossy electro-pop that I’d put in the daytime if I put them on my Fantasy Festival line-up. The weirder thing, however, is Red Jumpsuit Apparatus getting that daytime slot, before Up Dharma Down. Not that I care about RJA all of a sudden, but these guys screamed “international” before, and this all feels weird now.

02/18/14 12.10: 7107 have just released set times for this weekend, but only on their official app. I don’t want to download it myself – actually, I don’t need to; I’m not going – so…

02/18/14 11.22: Four days to go, and the bloggers are out in force promoting the festival… or at least telling us how to survive it. (Here’s one from fashionista David Guison, but admit it, this is mostly regurgitated from the Instagram photos 7107 has been posting these past couple of weeks.) You can read this two ways: either “we want you to enjoy the festival as much as possible”, or “be grateful that we’re giving you this experience, so here’s how to behave”. Also, did Wanderland – arguably the first music festival packaged as a music festival – do this sort of patronizing promotional tie-up when they launched last year?

02/16/16 21.44: Is it true what I’m hearing, that the company supplying the sound system for 7107 has backed out because the downpayment hasn’t been, well, paid yet? If so, that is such a blow, especially for an event that’s less than a week away. They were setting up the stage yesterday, judging from this Instagram photo I couldn’t retweet yesterday, possibly because some producers still have me blocked. Still, I’m open for a response from the organizers.

02/14/14 12.54: Tickets – well, wristbands – are flying out of the place, and not everybody has received them yet, although the latest estimated time of arrival is today. One of our Twitter followers hasn’t received hers yet; someone else on Twitter says he got his (and then some). I’ll blame it on the courier systems. That said, an interesting comment from friend of the blog Dexter yesterday: he searched 7107 on Twitter and all he saw are people selling their tickets. Which, again, is not quite allowed. We’re just a week away. All this overly interested coverage will end soon.

02/11/14 16.22: Apparently the 7107 sideshows I mentioned on Sunday will also feature the Asteroids Galaxy Tour. They’re performing with the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus on 21 February at The Venice Piazza at McKinley Hill; the day before, RJA and Natives will be at Eastwood. As it turns out, I don’t need to pay at least P10,000 to watch the Asteroids Galaxy Tour, a band I’ve always liked.

02/11/14 15.13: With two weeks before the festival kicks off, wristbands are finally being released – whether through courier or by pick-up at the 7107 offices in Makati. A friend of mine (whose name I won’t reveal, because, well, he doesn’t know I’m blogging about this) picked up his festival kit, which includes a wristband, instructions to wear said wristband, and a festival survival guide, which likely includes a map, set lists and all of those “wear light clothing” tips they’ve been posting lately. And since there were comments earlier about whether the festival’s producers are issuing receipts, I was told that there are receipts when you pick them up. One more thing: there aren’t many people in 7107’s offices, he said. I guess it’s either because a vast majority of concertgoers opted to have their kits delivered… or only a few people bothered to buy.

02/10/14 09.07: The folks at 7107 have denied the rumor that Kendrick Lamar has pulled out of the festival. “There is absolutely no truth to the rumor,” they told me through Twitter. And because I have learned my lesson, a screen cap:


02/09/14 20.24: Apparently two of the foreign acts appearing at 7107, Natives and the Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, will do two free shows the week before the festival. Details are here, courtesy of the Philippine Concerts Facebook page.

02/09/14 19.38: This might be idle speculation, but someone on PinoyExchange is now claiming that Kendrick Lamar has pulled out of 7107. The reason might be a bit absurd – it’s because his album is not sold anywhere here in the Philippines – but while I think it’s a rumor, it wouldn’t get posted definitively for no reason at all. Stay tuned.

02/08/14 14.58: Apparently all VIP passes have been sold out. Or at least all of them have been dispensed of; whether sold or given away, we will never know.

02/06/14 09.03: Good morning. Yet another inconsequential update, but it’s worth pointing out that since Smart (and its music streaming website Spinnr) came on board as sponsors of the event, they’ve been giving away 7107 tickets in overdrive. Apart from a 20% discount for existing subscribers, and a ticket giveaway for new subscribers, they’re now offering a pair of tickets as long as you get a Smart line in participating stores this weekend. And now I’m asking: how many people exactly have bought tickets? Once again, I’m questioning the 65% figure floated during the festival’s press launch last month.

02/05/14 19.36: Tina Herrera hasn’t set her Twitter account back to private, but thankfully she’s no longer fighting disappointed fans. That explains the quiet. Although I’m still sure some people are still looking to sell their tickets. Like that matters to her, because judging from her tweeting about Billboard tweeting about 7107, she feels like she’s reached another level of cool, a level we mere mortals can only hope to have. Interestingly, a reply to that Billboard tweet asks: “where’s Coldplay?”

02/04/14 19.52: I finally heard a radio ad for 7107. Inevitably it’s on the Tiger 22 stations – in my case, on K-Lite, which probably explains why only the first phase of artists (read: no mention of Kendrick Lamar) is featured. Or maybe it’s because it’s an old ad. But I listen to K-Lite whenever I can, so I’m guessing the ads are new, or at least relatively new, maybe after the press launch. And with three weeks away to festival weekend, it’s doing little. I don’t have three weeks to spend that much money! I have a Valentine’s Day thing!

02/04/14 11.28: It’s been slow on the 7107 end the past few days, so apologies for only posting something new. And this isn’t really consequential, but after the earlier DOT thing, this tweet from the government agency’s official Twitter account is confusing me.

01/30/14 23.05: One last update before I sleep: a puff piece from GMA News on the event. Nothing new here – in fact, most of the things here came from the press launch a couple of weeks back – except for one of the organizers confirming that they did approach some of the artists they teased but ultimately didn’t have on board. “They were either not available or just didn’t fit the festival structure,” 7107 founder Mike Pio Roda said, a quote that I think could infuriate fans of Ellie Goulding, Florence + the Machine, or Kanye West. Or Kanye West himself.

01/30/14 21.26: Because Mo Twister does not like Tina Herrera – judging from his tweets that pretty much flared up her tendency to be harsh on distraught ticket buyers – it’s inevitable that he’d have a few words about the festival on his web show. (I refuse to call it a podcast because, you know, it’s not.) Jayvee sent this one over. It’s twenty minutes of, well, you know. The best bits are at the 10:00 mark.

01/30/14 07.27: Tina Herrera has responded to Rappler’s story last night about the DOT asking 7107 to stop using the agency’s logo in their promos. It is a letter, signed by Tourism Promotions Board COO Domingo Ramon Enerio III, allowing the festival to use the “it’s more fun in the Philippines” tagline. There are two letters saying the same thing: the first one is dated 10 August, and the second one was three weeks later, on 3 September. Take note, the letters allow the use of the tagline, not the DOT logo. (Thanks to Jolie for the tip in the comments below.)

The letters are mostly similar: the only difference I can spot, apart from the differing letterheads, is the second letter mentioning the festival’s venue being in Subic. I’m posting the second letter below.

7107 International Music Festival

Also, I promised screen caps of KC Montero’s comments on Miggy Matute’s now-taken-down blog entry, in which he basically denies the claims made. Here you go:

7107 International Music Festival

01/30/14 05.23: Good morning, kids. The post has been taken down, turns out after a couple of comments from KC Montero, who’s also involved with the festival. I’ll post screen caps later (thank you, Google cache) but essentially he refuted some of the assertions in the article, saying “yours [sic] sources are far from correct” and asking him to “get the real stories before you jump upon someone else’s bandwagon” and the public to “support such an ambitious event.”

01/29/14 20.33: The Department of Tourism has asked 7107’s producers to remove its logo from all promotional material, saying it is neither a sponsor or a partner of the event. Rappler reports that, while the DOT acknowledges the tourism value of the event, it thinks the use of the DOT seal is “misplaced”. Early press releases from the festival claimed the DOT’s “heartfelt support” of the event; Jon Herrera apparently tweeted at one point that 7107 is aligned with the DOT and Yolanda relief efforts. The agency said it will still allow the use of the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” logo in promo bits. (Aside: apparently Rappler also picked up on how 7107 blocked and unblocked me on Twitter, so there’s that.)

01/29/14 12.12: I think this is important. 7107 will allow refunds if the festival is cancelled. If it’s postponed, you’ll only get refunds if you ask for it within five days of announcement. 7107’s festival info page only went live over the past few days (and I likely missed it, but it wasn’t there last I checked) so some of you might have missed it. But no, if you’re a disgruntled customer looking to sell your passes, you can’t, because those wristbands will have your name on it, and it’ll be awkward if, say, I bought Rainy’s pass, I enter the festival grounds, and the face of a girl shows up.

Also, the website also has details on what a VIP pass can get you: “VIP bars, lounges, view deck and additional bathrooms for the entire weekend.” (VIP table packages, on the other hand, will get you even more exclusive toilets, probably with air conditioning, plus “premium bottle service” and “bar chow”. That’s a whopping P300,000 for ten people. Er, actually more expensive than ten VIP passes, if you think of it.) It’s at par with the American festivals who sell VIP tickets. Essentially, if you want to get away from the jejemons at the festival grounds… wait, can they afford it even?

01/29/14 11.34: The VIP area gets you a bunch of cordoned-off tables and, maybe, a special concessionaire or two. That’s according to this map I’m looking at that 7107 tweeted. You know, for when you feel like rubbing shoulders with one of those celebrities doing Twitter ticket giveaways. Otherwise, the whole field is fair play. You can buy a GA pass and still be in front, if you come early enough.

By the way, if you’re going there via car, the best way is to take the NLEX to the SCTEX exit, then turn left (where you’d turn if you’re going to Subic) and exit at Clark South. That should lead you straight to the venue. Unless I got my memory all wrong, you should see a Yokohama plant being built nearby. (Or it’s already built; I’m not sure.)

01/28/14 17.31: I’ll quote Tina Herrera’s Inquirer interview again: “I know how to make an event happen.” Judging from what I’ve heard and read, it’s clear that they did little preparation. They didn’t realize people won’t just buy expensive two-day passes. They didn’t realize people won’t plunk that much money on what turned out to be an ultimately disappointing line-up. They didn’t realize that they should have promoted this event a year ahead, slowly. But then again, what do I know? I don’t organize these events. Clearly I don’t know how to make an event happen, much more make it successful.

A figure I missed in the Inquirer article is Tina saying that ticket sales are “already at 65%.” That amounts to roughly 13,000 attendees – I’m basing this off her targeted 20,000 attendees, although they “have prepared the venue for 35,000.” Miggy claimed ticket sales of below 10% in the entry I posted earlier. I wonder how much of the 65% were free tickets, given away to radio stations and celebrities and schools and school organizations, to bolster promotion?

01/28/14 17.12: Miggy Matute from has an interesting take on 7107’s issues. He’s looking at this from the perspective of a professional in the music industry; I gather this is the blog entry from those circles we’ve been waiting for.

Among the things mentioned: there were talks with Janet Lim-Napoles kin to help fund the festival, but the producers cut all ties when the pork barrel scandal exploded in July. (The festival was already in the works by February, apparently.) Several acts, both local and international, are apparently not paid to appear in the event. Some suppliers have complained of unprofessional behavior, including delays in payment. And then there are the things we already know about: the long, fruitless teasing; the expensive tickets; the aversion to criticism, going as far as threats of libel cases.

I’ll quote him on what is perhaps the most important takeaway: “as of this writing, it is claimed that ticket sales are below 10%, which is why tickets are now being given away at a more rapid rate by brands and celebrities connected to the festival.” I’ll break this down in a bit, when I’ve thought about it.

01/28/14 12.37: In case you need more proof that, at the very least, 7107 did not do their homework before calling themselves the best thing ever: they have just opened a second ticket kiosk at Eastwood City in Quezon City. So, now, you can buy tickets on their website, or at a coffee shop in Makati, or at this particular hotel in Clark. While I understand that a two-day festival has different ticketing needs, this still makes you wonder why they decided not to sell tickets through the usual ticket sellers, or at least enlist their help. People, for some reason, trust them more. (Also makes you wonder why they insisted on not issuing day passes, only to issue them months after people have bought – or were duped into buying, according to some – tickets.)

01/28/14 07.53: And I finally have a photo of that billboard. Well, a terrible photo, since I was in a moving vehicle and traffic wasn’t that bad at the area an hour ago. Well, you can make out the heart, can you? If you lived under a rock and have not heard of this festival until now, and you see this billboard, will you set out to buy a pass?

7107 International Music Festival

01/26/14 18.57: Good evening. More on the day passes: the 7107 Facebook page confirms that they are general admission passes and are only limited in number. In other news, I saw a billboard for the event along C5; it used to be a Vans billboard, which makes sense because Vans is a sponsor. No photos, because I was driving.

01/25/14 14.11: As per the Philippine Concerts Twitter account, the Saturday day pass (the one with Kaskade) costs P5,500, while the Sunday day pass (the one with RHCP and Kendrick Lamar) costs P6,500. Interestingly, they’re branding it as “limited edition”. Maybe because it’s sponsored by Smart? No clue if this limits you to the general admission area, although I assume it is the case.

01/25/14 13.49: Good afternoon. I don’t want to piss people off again, but since most of the criticism of 7107 is aimed towards the increasingly, err, blunt tweets from organizer Tina Herrera – she wasn’t this way when she tweeted me a couple of weeks back, so I wonder what happened – well, might as well point you to this Facebook post from club night organizers Bigfish.

So how do I comment on this without sounding like a nitpicking hater? Personally I’ve only heard of Malasimbo (which has been going on for a while and has been mostly under the radar anyway) and Summer Siren (which I only heard of, well, yesterday, and is surely also going under the radar) so she’s comparing heavily-marketed 7107 with several very small festivals. So that is an unfair comparison.

01/24/14 21.30: Good evening, and welcome to the open thread. We’ll do updates here, starting with this first one: the festival is finally offering day passes, so if you’d rather just stay for a day, you can just pay P6,300. Kaskade headlines on Saturday, with the Asteroids Galaxy Tour, Natives, and those DJs I don’t know about; the Red Hot Chili Peppers do Sunday with Empire of the Sun, Kendrick Lamar and yet another DJ I don’t know about.

19 thoughts on “The 7107 IMF open thread


    (1) They offered earlybird rates and holiday discounts that decreases ticket price to as much as 40% off
    (2) RHCP was there
    (3) I hoped there were day passes (that would cost me less), but they said there would be none… AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW! TODAY THEY RELEASED CHEAP DAY PASSES THAT HAS ALL THE BANDS I BOUGHT TICKETS FOR IN ONE DAY!


  2. I bought a ticket last christmas which cost me 7k. Honestly i think I got a pretty good deal given that i like a lot of their international artists. And I really just want to enjoy the music and be excited about it but all the fighting over the internet is just so disappointing. You’d think someone as experienced as Tina would know how to handle negative PR but i guess not. i still think i got a pretty good deal tho, and I want to enjoy it as much as possible. Just wish people were more… mature with handling things. On both sides. All these personal attacks against each other are just so… juvenile really. You’d think people would know better.

    Find it a little too hard to believe about the Napoles thing though. I dont think friends of the napoleses would be too keen on affiliating with them given their tarnished name. If the rumors were true they’d be soo sooo stupid. Regardless of the veracity though it is out there and has caused a pretty huge backlash already.

    1. Did you notice that their TIN is nowhere to be found in the “official receipt” they issued us?

      1. A friend bought for the whole group and has the receipt so I haven’t seen it.

    2. Also, Jon Herrera having one joint venture with one of Napoles’ kids doesn’t mean this one is. But you know Napoles, she’s like napalm nowadays.

  3. My Dream 107 Festival “Experience”:

    Got the day 2 pass, Yay! 2 tickets, Rakista din naman si GF.
    Tsaka yung parking pass, BOO! 300? valet parking kaya to?
    Yun lang afford ko, plus, di naman ako interested sa Day 1 –
    Happy Happy Joy Joy! RHCP!!!

    Go on the web to find more info on the festival.
    Hmm… Maraming negative energy sa twitter. h8terz. hehe. RHCP!!!
    Google map nang Clark logistics city. hmmm…puro talahib, mukhang under construction pa lang. Teka, may photos sa What?! Talahib pa rin? Mukhang BGC lang ah. Sana may bubong ang venue. (Asa pa) Di bale, Rakenrol pa rin.. RHCP!!!

    Iwas muna sa negative vibes sa twitter.

    (weeks pass by..)

    7am,May pabaon si nanay, Tuna sandwich. para daw di kami magutom. Sinundo ko si GF sa house nila. Drive to Clark. Excited…RHCP!!!
    Brunch sa Mcdo sa NLEX para makatipid Bili na rin nang C2 sa gas station. Tsaka mineral water, Wilkins, 1.5 liter para sulit.
    Ok.. Toll sa NLEX. Toll sa SLEX. Clark exit…Logistics City-Yun Na!

    Parking…, sarado pa yung gate. Medyo malayo yung parking sa entrance, pero maaga pa naman. Teka, may poster sa gate, katabi nung Bouncer: “No Food & Drinks” What! Sayang yung tuna sandwich ni nanay! Peborit pa naman ni GF.

    Dami ring tao. Mahaba na rin yung pila. Mainit, tanghaling tapat. Nakikisilong kami ni GF sa payong ni Bonel, isang malaking goth na bading. Yung C2 ininom na namin habang nakapila. yung mga sandwiches, kinain namin yung iba. yung iba kinain ni Bonel. Lakas lumamon, parang karpintero. Fight pa rin! RHCP!!

    Pagpasok sa gate, nakita na namin kung gaano kalaki yung venue. Pwedeng pagkasyahin anniv nang INC. marami namang tao, pero sa laki nang venue, parang wala pa ring laman. Sa stage lang may tao, pero pwede kaming magfootball sa luwang.

    Tang ina, ANG INITTT! Puro local bands ang nakikita namin. Ok naman yung mga pero napanood ko sila sa UP Fair. Pwera lang yung rapper. Nakasilong kami ni GF sa lilim nang bakod nang venue. Kasama namin karamihan nang tao, pero may mga hardcore pa rin malapit sa stage. Makabili nga nang mineral water – 50 pesos yung maliit? Whaaa???
    Sige na nga…gusto kong lumabas sa impyernong ito at magpa-aircon sa SM Clark, kaya lang humahaba ang pila, baka isang oras pa bago kami makabalik.

    Nasa lilim nang bakod pa rin kami. malayo sa stage. Nakatulog si GF sa set nang Yolanda Moon. Apat na oras na kami dito, nakakalimang banda pa lang. tsaka isang DJ. DJ sa tanghali? Sinong gago gumawa nang sked na to? Tsaka kailangan bang pasalamatan si smart at spinner at yung limampung media sponsors tuwing hahawak nang mike yung host?

    Kailangan kong magbanyo. So pila sa portalets. buti na lang mas madali sa pila nang lalaki. Si GF, mahigit 30 minutes nakapila sa portalets nang babae. At least hindi naman kami na-heatstroke, yun nga lang 300 na ang nagastos ko sa mineral water.

    Unang foreign band! Woohoo! Suguran yung mga tao sa stage. Pagod at gutom na kami ni GF. Kayo na lang muna manood nang Red Jumpsuit Whatever. Dapat pala alas-sinko na lang kami dumating. Hindi na mainit, Nasa likod din naman kami, wala na kasing lakas si GF makisiksik sa harap.

    Kain kami nang hotdog sa mga concessionaires. Tiba-tiba si manong. DJ na
    naman yung nasa stage. Lanya, bakit ba pinaghalo yung mga DJ at live band?

    Chillout lang habang nagaantay RHCP.

    11pm RHCP! RHCP!!! I LOVE YOU FLEA!!!!!!


    Tapos nagising ako…
    Went online, booked online tickets to Malasimbo.

  4. A friend of mine organizes conventions (with concerts and fashion shows) and opts not to coordinate with the big-name ticket distributors (ticketnet, sm tickets, etc) to avoid tax. What he does to avoid it is he enlists his event as a convention and NEVER mention anything about the concert and fashion show in his municipal permit. This way, the gov’t fellas won’t charge taxes for ticket sales. He sells his tickets online (fb page) and doesn’t sell tickets at the venue. He is very strict about this. He CANNOT sell tickets at the venue or else his tax avoidance scheme will be found out.

    Now I don’t know if this is the reason why the organizers opted to sell the tix online. Just here to give you guys more things to speculate. Lol

  5. Tina Herrera’s twitter account is now public again. She couldn’t take the flak from all her negative comments so she makes her account private, but now that she has something to say, it is back to public again.

    And what she had to say isn’t much at all. She tweeted pictures of her correspondence with DOT, letting her use DOT’s TAGLINE.

    She does realize, that a tagline is different from the DOT seal right? Having the seal on there carries more weight.

    Anyway, their attitude and arrogance have ruined this whole festival for me. They should know that customer service can make or break a company. That’s why so many companies invest in a great deal of customer service- returns, refunds and diplomacy are all part of building good customer service. They don’t even know how to pacify an irate customer!! How can they expect this to succeed?

    Naku tina herrera, you said you did not mean to be arrogant in your twitter posts. Well, a little self awareness goes a long way.

  6. I wish miguel matute did not take down his article. Would love to have read it.

    So which stories were far from correct? Did KC get to correct him or did he leave it hanging, the way the organizers usually do when they deny allegations but cannot back up what they are denying.

    1. KC never replied to Me. Though the post was taken down, the comments are still on Facebook, free for KC to reply at any given time.

  7. I dont think the line up are justifiable, except of course because of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, they’ve been in the seen for more than 30 years, and finally, will going to perform here for the first time, then what?! lining them up with local indie bands? abra and loonie? no demerits for the local indie bands (OPM 4ever) but i dont really think they suit for a 25k worth of ticket wherein I can watch them on local bars for 150php? and seriously Abra and Loonie? mainstream-ty at its finest. They just used these big names in the music industry then come up with these “obviously” had-connections-with-the-organizers type of bands.

  8. I wish you went ahead and posted your reaction to the rappler article. easy for me to say since it is not my neck on the line.
    But i heard that if you are relaying 2nd hand info then you’re not in trouble with the cyber crime law. And i guess the same goes if you are just reacting to an article that you didn’t write. If anything, it is rappler’s neck on the line. I know this sounds so weak, washing your hands while still getting your share of pie but can’t we be critical and analytical without fearing this law? With this law, do criminals have free pass to do what they want without fear of negtive press and public opinion? I don’t know. what are the boundaries of this law?

    1. That is true. But a few things make it complicated.

      One, my reaction makes me an original author, and that makes me liable.

      Two, the situation is getting heated (as you can see from the discrediting campaign of sorts I’m seeing). Anything might happen – these are people who believe anyone critical is just a hater – and being a small blog I decided I’d be on the safe side.

      Three, I felt what I was gonna write was ultimately too harsh. Too damning, if you will. I’m personally tired of all this and am just seeing it through; I want to get out scot-free.

      Ultimately, I still believe what I was gonna say isn’t libelous; in fact I’ve said it before in my previous entries about the festival. It might turn up here in the end. I just need to rewrite it in my head so as not to sound combative – as if it will change their perception.

  9. Can’t the 7107 cAmp just come right out and be transparent? Then you have Jon Herrera going off the record…

    I have been waiting for someone to ask these questions, to dig a little deeper because it seems to me, that most journalists have asked a few questions, heard the denials about napoles and then taken their word for it– not wanting to dig deeper.

    And i like that rappler is being investigative! And for 7107 to discredit them? How? By mudslinging, by outright denying. Can’t they see these denials cannot stand up to such a report unless they come up with some sort of evidence to back up their claims? If they want to turn public opinion around to their favour then they should just be transparent.

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