“…and I need you back.”

“Nature Trips” by Eyedress | I only heard of Eyedress in the past few weeks, when he joined the first night of Febfest, performing before Warpaint and Mogwai. (And then I saw a friend constantly retweet him.) His stuff isn’t normally what I’d get into: shimmering and pretty and initially easy, but for most, it’s hard to get to grips with. It sounds like a niche concern, the sort of thing enjoyed exclusively by club night organizers living in Ayala Alabang, one that I shouldn’t even bother trying to care about. I write about him, though – him being Idris Vicuña, two years younger than me – because of his little interview with The Guardian that was published yesterday. He was born here (I assume Tondo, judging from the interview) and moved to the United States with his family. He’s now based here, married to a Japanese model who’s living in her home country. He’s looking to live with her. If you don’t pay attention to those details, what he said in the interview could be controversial. “I want to get out of here ASAP,” he said of the Philippines. “This country’s sketchy, inefficient. I sound like the biggest complainer. There are good things. But when you’re from a place you bash it.” I’m torn to think if it’s his loneliness, or if it’s his having been to other places, of how the purportedly educated people deeply wish to leave a shitty Philippines. (I say so myself. I constantly daydream of record-buying in London.) But maybe I should not even bother trying to care about where he’s coming from. This is, after all, a niche concern, as is this attempt at a pseudo-intellectual, but ultimately bullshit, excuse for a review. [NB]


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