earthings! Fantasy Festival, part two: the Fairylights stage

earthings! Fantasy Festival: the Fairylights stage

If we’re disappointed with the acts coming to the Philippines, then why don’t we make our own music festival? It doesn’t have to really happen – it can all be in our heads. And thus, the earthings! Fantasy Festival was born. Today, Rainy Martini imagines her own music festival stage, inevitably featuring Asian acts – but not the ones you’d expect to come here, because, in her words, she doesn’t want her stage to be like just another episode of Music Bank.

I am keen on listening to music that make me see lights. No not that kind of light that people follow when they’re like dying or something. I mean lights. With an “s”. Because when I hear music, I close my eyes. I pay full attention to it just like what my first piano teacher had instructed me to. I dissect every element. And then I see colors. Beautiful colors. [SY]


I don’t really know much about Daybreak, even though I have been listening to their music for years now. They give you two types of chill: that chill when you chillax, and the chill that you get at the base of your spine, when you realize how happy their music made you.


Singer-songwriter MayBee captured my heart when she came back after a three-year hiatus with “Goodbye Valentine”. The track has a suspicious-sounding accordion riff throughout its verses. I have never read the English translation of the lyrics. The music is hostile enough to give me an image of a circus freak trying to run away from her tent. I would love to bring that kind of darkness to my whimsy stage.


This duo is the cutest of the bunch. I mean, IU is cute, but J Rabbit doesn’t only smile to the audience when they perform. They smile at each other, and giggle a bit. Because they’re practically sisters in so many ways. They might not have the same blood but they have the same surname, and same Chinese zodiac. It’s why they call themselves J Rabbit. Let’s be sisters with them too and sing about our happy, happy things!


A curious name, and an even curiouser group. I was utterly confused when I first stumbled upon their music on YouTube. What, I thought they had a male vocalist!? Damn me for assuming Standing Egg is a band. But yeah, more or less. They’re indie music-makers who feature different artists (who are also indie, of course) like Windy. I love Windy. It’s like she’s my twin or something. Hey, I’m Rainy Martini after all.


I almost never included IU in my lineup; I wanted to curate an Asian indie stage. More or less. But I’ve been supporting her since she debuted with “Lost Child”, back when she had that very high-pitched “ah” every time she ended a musical phrase from a higher octave. They fixed that tiny thing and I don’t hear it anymore. But her delicious falsetto still lives, and so do her charms. She will open her set with the overwrought, but still grand “The Red Shoes”. (Tomorrow: Jayvee Sacramento goes through his five acts.)


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