earthings! Fantasy Festival, part four: the Dilly stage

earthings! Fantasy Festival: the Dilly stage

If we’re disappointed with the acts coming to the Philippines, then why don’t we make our own music festival? It doesn’t have to really happen – it can all be in our heads. And thus, the earthings! Fantasy Festival was born. Today, friend of the blog Anna Esguerra imagines her music festival stage, where all the acts, in one way or another, have something to do with her ultimate favorite act, Incubus.

Coming up with a music festival, let alone just a list of artists and musicians for a stage you’re assigned to for a big festival – even though just imaginary – is no easy feat. You can’t help but also think of logistics, financial restraints and most importantly, how your artists will be received by your audience. The last one being the most important, in my opinion. I went through a couple of drafts at first, but here’s what I finally came up with. It’s too bad our EFF is only imaginary. I think my stage would rock… or maybe I’m just too proud. Without further ado, I’d like to welcome you to the Dilly stage! [AE]


Opening the show would be Young the Giant. Comparing them to the other bands, I would say they’re the newest out of the bunch but one that shouldn’t be underestimated. I first heard of them through Incubus, three years ago. I think at one of their shows, YTG opened for them. They’re that kind of band that does the right kind of alternative music that I enjoy listening to and wouldn’t hesitate repeating it over and over. Having them over would be perfect because they just released a new album a few months ago. Yay, a reason to fly over to the other side of the world – album promotion! Plus, “It’s About Time” would be the perfect song to open this stage’s set.


It might be too early to slow things down but I’m putting Band of Horses next. Now, I don’t know if they have fans or whatever, and I have absolutely no idea if people will appreciate them, but I want them here in my stage because I love their music, and no one else has taken the risk of bringing them here. Risk taking at its finest. They had a show somewhere in Asia this year and it still peeves me a little that no one brought them here. Lastly, I needed to have a band of the Indie-southern music genre present to balance things out. Fun fact: the name of my stage is from this song. Watch the video, and listen to the song. Now nod in agreement with me that they’re amazing. You’re welcome.


For the hip-hop genre, I chose The Roots. Do I need an introduction for them? I wouldn’t think so. They have been around for a very long time, even had a lot of people come and go their group (Ben Kenney of Incubus was one of the members before). You can say that putting them in is a big risk, too, because as far as I know, I am not aware if they have a fan base here. However, I am confident that they will attract the audience and their set will be just as amazing. I have only listened to one album of theirs, Undun, and it’s already part of my default go-to album selection.


Sons of the Sea is the solo project of Incubus vocalist Brandon Boyd, along with music producer Brendan O’Brien, who is also the guitarist. Yes, it’s starting to become clear now that my list is heavily influenced by Incubus. His band has been in the country three times in the past 10 years. I’d like to think that says something that they favor the country, or love the Philippine fans(?). Agree with me here! So I don’t see a reason why should we not bring this band here, too. Be warned though: the music is very different from that “distinct Incubus sound” you may be used to, though they always sound different in each album they put out. Also, I noticed that SotS is not under any label right now and he’s taken up the independent musician’s route. Any help to get his music out there would help, and this is how I intend to help him… even though, technically, he doesn’t really need it because he’s Brandon Boyd. Just his name will make any women crazy. (Okay, I am exaggerating now.)


And finally, let me present to you the headliner of my stage: Pearl Jam. It baffles me that no one has brought them back here after their concert in 1995, which I wasn’t able to go to because I was way under the allowable age to go to any concert then. It’s 2014 and they have another new album out, therefore, a reason to go here to promote Lightning Bolt. I haven’t listened and dissected the new album though, only hearing “Sirens” more often than the other songs. Honestly, I have been listening to their older albums more than Lightning Bolt. Excuse the lameness, but this band gives me such intense feels. I might just lose it (internally) if they surprise us by playing “Black”. Another round of applause to this band also for donating a generous amount of help and support towards the victims of typhoon Yolanda. Think of them coming back here as our way of paying it forward? Yes. (Tomorrow: Niko Batallones goes through his five acts.)

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