“I am but a traveler, in most every way.”

“The Journey” by Lea Salonga | So, yes, with the passing of time, this has turned out to be a cheesy song, albeit one that fits Lea Salonga’s talents perfectly. And yet this is a song that I know very well. Rewind to elementary school – to music class, specifically, where our class, forty-something ten-year-olds, were tasked to memorize this song. To do that, we sang this song over and over again, for an hour, once a week. We weren’t going to perform this anywhere. We just, well, memorized the song. I’d hear it here and there since, I’d have a bit of a throwback moment, and maybe cringe at the memory, but remember my childhood, and how fun it all was. Last week I heard this song again; I was accompanying my dad in the funeral of his college friend’s father. The hearse, parked near the grave, was playing this song out loud, and I felt weird because this is a song I associate the most with my childhood, and not with my eventual death! Sure, the lyrics make sense, but the thrill (really) of hearing Lea enunciate “cup” before the final chorus? A childhood thing. [NB]

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