“Just go ahead and kill me.”

“Fever” by the Black Keys | The new-ish sound of the Black Keys takes some getting used to. After spending most of their careers specializing in filthy, jammy blues-rock, they get Danger Mouse as co-producer and end up with this. Granted, “Fever” is as hypnotic as this audio stream looks like. There’s still the considerable bounce their songs have – it’s just gotten polished up a bit. But I don’t mind this. I don’t see Danger Mouse as the guy that destroyed the Black Keys. I don’t see the Black Keys as a band that destroyed themselves because they don’t have reverence to their roots, like they did for their last seven albums, like some aghast comments already put it. This will take some getting used to, but the jump isn’t that big, really. Their new album, Turn Blue, hits stores on 13 May. [NB]

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