A week of whistling, day three: Nicksy’s first pick

“Skinny Genes” by Eliza Doolittle | “I really don’t like your skinny jeans,” Eliza Doolittle sings in this summer-y hit, “so take them off for me.” Yep, this song – which I discovered from a hipster source via an inoffensive radio station for old people – is about sex. I mean, what else is the whistling for, right? Novelty songs did this. You whistle, cheekily, to cover up innuendo. In this case, the whistle is so incognito it ceases to become pervy. But I think that’s the charm of the former young Cosette’s early stuff. Her turn to more anthemic soul-pop in her sophomore release In Your Hands may be a bit hit and miss, but her first album was full of swingy, throwback-y, slightly twee, very summer-y things. What else explains the “tweet tweet” bridge on “Pack Up”? And then there’s “Skinny Genes”, her debut single, which is about a guy who’s good in bed and nowhere else. Must be an awkward situation to sing about… but then again, you prolly enjoyed the sex. [NB] (Tomorrow: Rainy takes a page from Niko’s Fantasy Festival line-up.)

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