“Let’s go to the mall… today!”

“Let’s Go To The Mall” by Robin Sparkles | Yep, an actual song from a fictional TV character’s pop star alter ego. Today’s the day How I Met Your Mother ends its nine-year run – well, tomorrow on my time zone – and while I have never really followed the show, I know far too many people who do. Not that I’m under a rock when it comes to this show – I remember catching the HIMYM episode featuring (eventual wedding song) “Sandcastles in the Sand” thrice in a week – but it’s the sort of show I just know stuff about, but never really watched. I just know of the slapping, the doppelgängers and the dead mother theories. And a few other things. And Barney (duh) in a suit (duh). But not of Robin Sparkles’ (just too) grungy alter-ego, Robin Daggers, and this incredibly dark song (according to Ale, at least). Unsurprisingly for a show created by two guys in a band, HIMYM does very well with music, judging from the songs people suggested I post here, from the suit song to this slapping song (by Boyz 2 Men) to Marshall’s road trip song. But everybody went for this one, because, really. The Canadian accent! [NB]

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