What’s with the cramming, Wanderland?

[Updated on 04/08/14 with a final line-up: The Drums are headlining.] Last year, Karpos Multimedia announced the line-up to the first Wanderland Festival seven weeks before it was held. In hindsight, it was pretty late to do so. If there’s one thing we learned from covering the lead-up to the 7107 International Music Festival, it’s this: the longer you give potential concertgoers the information they need to help them decide if they should buy tickets, the harder it takes to get their confidence. Sure, the circumstances are different. 7107 was a first-timer, had expensive tickets (and a lot of other expenses with it), and hyped themselves too much. Wanderland, on the other hand, has cheaper tickets – just at P4,800, and the venue’s in Manila – and last year’s event was a success, which means you have a bunch of people who automatically want to go. Also, they’re not selling tickets without a line-up. Also, we know one band – Melbourne alt-folkies the Paper Kites – are coming, not to mention the winner of their local band competition early this year. But I’m bothered that we have a second music festival that’s taking so long to reveal their roster. The tickets may be cheaper, but not everybody wants to make a decision blindly. (All we had are rumors. MGMT was reportedly headlining, but that fizzled out.) Not everybody has the money. Rainy and I would cover the festival for the blog, but we decided to wait for the line-up before committing. (Unfortunately, the day job prevents me from being available on 17 May, and she still badly wants to see the Paper Kites.) So what’s taking so long, Karpos? Is the festival still a go?  The promos have virtually dried up in the past few weeks. That does not look good from where I am. [NB]

04/07/14 06.11: The Pen Lane say the line-up will be revealed tomorrow, and that line-up supposedly includes the Arctic Monkeys and Imagine Dragons. (Weren’t they on my Fantasy Festival line-up?) They’re also mentioning Bombay Bicycle Club, Royal Concept (who announced a Philippine stop weeks ago, but didn’t go further) and the Naked and Famous. [Note: I edited my first update because I totally misread their tweets. My apologies. It was five in the morning.]

04/08/14 21.46: Lucy Rose (who we wrote about here) has tweeted about going to Manila in May. That was a couple of weeks ago, so it’s a surprise the dedicated trackers missed this. We’ve also seen hints from Brisbane band Last Dinosaurs; that tweet‘s newer.

04.08/14 23.47: Wanderland finally confirms the line-up. British American band The Drums are headlining, with Architecture in Helsinki, Lucy Rose, Royal Concept, the Paper Kites, Last Dinosaurs and Woody Pitney filling out the foreign roster. (The last three. plus AIH, are Aussies.) Now, you have five and a half weeks to buy tickets. They’re available from Monday, 12 April, and an early bird rate of P3,000 applies for the first two weeks. (It’s P4,800 after the 27th.) We’ll keep this stuck on the front page tomorrow.

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