A week of whistling, day six: Rainy’s third pick

“The Twisted Nerve” by Bernard Herrmann | I love psychological thrillers. That’s why Tess Gerritsen is the Suzanne Collins (or Meyer, if you’re a Twi-hard) of my teenage years. You might have also heard of this song from Kill Bill, or more recently, on the first installment of American Horror Story. Well, I freaking love AHS. If you haven’t seen it yet then you should. I’m just sayin’. Evan Peters’ character was a sicko and he was awesome at whistling this tune. The song starts with the promise of a feel-good ballad, and all of a sudden there’s this creepy whistling. And the violins. And all of a sudden I’m behind you, holding a knife because we need to carve roasted chicken. [SY] (Tomorrow: Niko picks a song for slightly drunk people wallowing in regret.)


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