“Let your balalaika sing what my guitar wants to say.”

“Winds of Change” by Scorpions | Rainy and I had our whistling songs locked in months ago, but only a couple of weeks back, when we were finally writing the entries themselves, she mentioned this song. “But of course,” I thought, “this should be on the list!” But it’s too late. Also, it’s a bit of an obvious choice – that explains why Foster the People’s “Pumped Up Kicks” isn’t on the list at all. But yeah, it is a videoke classic, a taxi driver’s classic, the stuff you’d hear on those so-called “masa” stations at any point of the day. It’s a good song, yes, albeit heavy-handed in its Cold War imagery – granted, it’s a German band singing in the aftermath of the collapse of the Berlin Wall – but still a good song, a hand-swaying one, for those drinking in the middle of the night. Be thankful it’s not “my Way”. [NB]


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