“I love you more when I’m missing you.”

“Even Though I’m A Woman” by Seeker Lover Keeper | I was telling Rainy about this group I heard in recent months, Seeker Lover Keeper. Thought she’d like it, and she did. “Are they Australian?” she asked me, and I shrugged, assuming they weren’t. I was wrong. The supergroup, for lack of a better term, only released one album in 2011, until its three members – Sarah Blasko, Holly Throsby and Sally Seltmann – all returned to their solo stuff. I only really heard of SLK a few months back, while listening to Singapore’s then-transitioning Lush 99.5, and assumed they were American, or at least of the sisterly sort. It’s stupid, in hindsight, considering the fact that I definitely heard the three members’ solo stuff before, and I’ve even written about Sally’s previous alter-ego, New Buffalo, over a year ago. Speaking of Sally… catch me tomorrow. [NB]

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