“Without you, I would never rise again.”

“Big Jumps” by Emilíana Torrini | Continuing what’s turning out to be a tradition on the blog (because the last one didn’t hold due to its impracticality) of posting “quiet songs” on Good Friday… here’s a song that’s not quite quiet, but still quiet enough. This was from Emilíana Torrini’s 2009 album Me and Armini, a track that sits well whether it’s a sunny day or a rainy one. As I write this, it’s sunny – but it’s the Friday before today, so it’s been a week since I wrote this down, and I don’t know what the weather will be, but I bet it will fit. Now, like last year, if contemplation is your thing, let this be your (not serene to the point of gloopy) soundtrack. [NB]

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