“Forgive me if I’m so forward sometimes.”

“All The Beautiful, Different Things” by Carlos Castaño | Before she wrote her Fantasy Festival contribution, Anna sent me four song recommendations – and, for some reason, I never got around to them, at least until today. (Happy Easter. I told you I had a serious backlog going on.) So I’ll scatter them across the next couple of weeks or so, all right? First one’s Carlos Castaño, another local artist I’ve never heard of, but has apparently been around for the past couple of years, working with the likes of Jensen Gomez. (I know him from this one song that got played on RT.) “He’s like John Mayer,” Anna told me a couple of months ago, when she sent his name in. So, yeah, good expectations. And then I listen to this song and I go, “oh, shit, he sounds more like John Mayer than I expected!” I like it. I like this. (Update: Carlos got in touch through email to say that, no, he does not like John Mayer – apart from his third album, Continuum.) [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)

One thought on ““Forgive me if I’m so forward sometimes.”

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