“You’ve always been part of the sky.”

“Dove (I’ll Be Loving You)” by Moony | Since I’ve been posting a bunch of dance tracks the past couple of days, let’s push it further and go for this one. Okay. Yes. I know. I know EDM is big nowadays. I know EDM is the sound of the #youths. I know it’s likely those who are posting photos on Instagram with the hashtag #LaBoracay2014 will be bouncing to, say, Avicii. I’m pretty sure those who called me a hater a couple of months ago are chuckling at my cluelessness over club culture. Hell, I’m probably wrong about all this – maybe house is still the sound of the moment, and maybe they’re chuckling because I missed that whole thing (and still have the gall to call myself a music writer). But, you know, Boracay. Today’s when people crowd that beach to the point of uselessness. (I’ve been to Boracay in the summer, twice, and it’s not fun dealing with all the people. I’m not that kind of guy.) When I was in high school going on college this was, well, a beach tune. And a club tune. Much in the same time as that Bonnie Bailey song, really. Admit it, though – this song never grows old, huh? Good dance music when I was at an age when I should dance in hot places, an opportunity I passed. Maybe the kids today will like their EDM ten years from now. It just happens. As for you chuckling, well… [NB]

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