“We had some good times, but they don’t last forever.”

“Feels Like Yesterday” by American Authors | The new American Authors album has hit Philippine stores, and I know of at least one person who’s excited: Drea loves them. I don’t. But then again, I’m basing it completely on “Best Day of My Life”, that light but slightly annoying single – which, to be fair, I have given it a try, but it just sounds so much like everyone else. You know the problem with pop-alternative nowadays – it relies on a “whoa-oh-oh” in every chorus. So, sorry, I’m not writing about “Oh, What A Life”, her constant earworm. I’m writing about her other suggestion, “Feels Like Yesterday”, which is similarly breezy but not as annoying. I’m sure we both know I won’t be an instant fan, but at least I know there’s more to them than singing about good vibes – which is probably why kids nowadays like them. This stupid “good vibes only” mindset… [NB]

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