Review: Sheezus by Lily Allen

Sheezus by Lily AllenFour years ago Lily Allen retired from the music industry. And then she slowly, slowly, made her presence felt again, and now, she’s released her third album, Sheezus. And this album, for all its expected no-holds-barred lyrics, feels awkward. It’s been five years since It’s Not Me, It’s You, Lily’s jump from the ska-inspired to the electro-inspired. A lot of things has happened since then. Her confessional lyrics are now everywhere; the sounds she made popular (but not necessarily ones she started), more prevalent. Lily reenters her game now just like everybody else, and the album’s twelve tracks are essentially her figuring out what her place is. She does find a new ground, somewhat: halfway through, the record decided to wear Hall & Oates outfits and take on a plastic-soul feel, yacht rock tossed with some electro vinaigrette, and it sticks with it enough to convince me that she knows what she’s doing. But the bookends – the irony of “Sheezus”, the dinky “Air Balloon”, and biting “Hard Out Here” – sound out of place. They may be decent songs when standing alone, but when put with the rest of Sheezus, it feels utterly tentative. [NB] | 3/5

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