“I promise, after this, I’ll be on my way.”

“Tongue Tied” by Kai Honasan | My last blog entry confirms that, yes, I was listening to Jam 88.3 despite what I said before. To be fair, I was doing research for something I was planning this October. Anyway, this song was on their charts. I first encountered Kai Honasan on the soundtrack to the Andres Bonifacio-inspired ballet piece Rock Supremo, and here’s new stuff from her. I was driving Rainy to work when this came on, and we were discussing it. She likes it. Understandably, because the song’s vocal style fits her sensibilities. I thought it was a bit too Western. Maybe I was being unusually harsh, but – and this was exactly what I said – “it’s lacking that redeeming quality that makes it distinct.” I mean, Up Dharma Down – not a fair comparison – was very Western too, but it had something that said, “here, come and enjoy me,” and this song felt like a closed garden. Sure, it’s a pleasant song. I just couldn’t get behind it because, well, it sounds like many other songs. But yeah, I was being unusually harsh. Maybe another day. [NB]

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