“Kiss me a little longer. I don’t want this to end.”

“Charm Me” by Wake Up Your Seatmate | Speaking of all-girl Filipino bands, whatever happened to Wake Up Your Seatmate? I’m pretty sure they’ve broken up too. Unless I’m completely wrong, their only album was released in 2006, but it did deliver some big hits, notably crossover delight “Panaginip”. I saw the girls live once, when I was still in La Salle; there was a band contest and they were the big names roped in to perform at the end. I just wanted some autographs, but I ended up buying a copy of their album off the vocalist, Mia Tengco, not realizing that such transactions are technically banned in campus. “Itago mo ‘yang pera,” my then-crush Sarah told me, a plea for subtlety than anything. (I did get an autograph… but only from Mia, since the rest of the band disappeared. It’s in pen. It’s a bit hard to read now.) My friend, on the other hand, had a thing for the drummer, Atchoo Ilagan – I think she’s Lasallian too. I don’t remember what happened, but I remember her going loopy of the idea of seeing Atchoo up close. Forgive me. It’s been seven and a half years. [NB]


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