Review: Futurology by Manic Street Preachers

Futurology by Manic Street PreachersThe Manic Street Preachers called their tenth album, Postcards From A Young Man, their “one last shot at mass communication”. Their eleventh album, Rewind the Film, was a mostly unplugged affair, horns and acoustic guitars leading an effort that sounds much more elegiac than Lifeblood ever was. Their latest album, Futurology, couldn’t be any different: it’s pulsating, it’s riveting, it’s… an attempt at mass communication, at being flashy to get attention. Granted, the record is more influenced by krautrock than by arena rock, with sci-fi flourishes showing up throughout. The thesis statement is very much political: the tug-of-war within Europe, of old perspectives and new hopes, illustrated by the motifs of “Europa Geht Durch Mich” peppered across the record. It is, very much, challenging material, at par with the Manics’ earlier efforts. And it’s brilliant. It’s no surprise the band hasn’t settled for anything less – it’s a surprise they return to something akin to Generation Terrorists, but it just shows that no matter how they go about it, they will never cease having something to say. [NB]4/5


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