“Time passes all too soon.”

“Light Flight” by Pentangle | Because I’m a British broadcasting geek (as mentioned here) I sometimes end up going deep down YouTube for recorded bits of continuity… too much of a turn-off? Anyway, I discovered this song on one of those trips. Pentangle is a British folk group, active in the 60s and 70s. The sound is very much of their time: decidedly analog and very fuzzy everywhere, and all in a good way. This song, in particular, was the theme song to Take Three Girls, a drama series surrounding three girls in swinging London, and the first that the BBC shot and aired in color. Spotted this on one of those YouTube videos (it was a promo on the day of the premiere) and you know the rest. But you’re probably still turned off about me being this much of a geek, so… [NB]


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