The whimsy of Option Musique

Thanks to the complicated nature of Swiss national identity, there are many public radio stations in Switzerland: six for the Germans, three for the Italians, one for the Romansh and four for the French. Option Musique falls in the latter category, and of all the French-language stations I’ve listened to, it’s definitely the most, uhh, quirky. And I say this as a listener to FIP, the eclectic radio station that plays Beethoven and Blur next to each other (and where I found some of the songs I’ve written about). Option Musique is filled with classic French pop, and some newer songs here and there, and the occasional English song (they had Tears for Fears when I listened) – but it’s built so that it sounds like you’re listening from an AM radio in your home in generic idyllic mountains. Like you’re in an idealized version of the 60s, completed with faded colors and grainy images. There’s a sense of whimsy throughout, from the French-speaking DJs, to the choice of songs (the melodic, familiar mix means you don’t have to understand French to get it), to the jingles themselves. Ah, yes, the jingles. Option Musique has the most adorable jingles I’ve ever heard. It’s, should I say, flower-y. [NB]

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