“Inside every man lives the seed of a flower.”

“Les Fleurs” by Minnie Riperton | Speaking of trip-hop acts sampling old songs, here’s another one – although 4hero’s is technically a cover, which samples liberally from the original, so what do you call that exactly? Anyway, Minnie Riperton. You know her for loving you (that song that was created, partly, to distract a young Maya Rudolph) but in her fifteen-year career – cut short by breast cancer at age 31 – she has released six albums and many singles. “Les Fleurs” was her first as a solo artist, released with her 1970 album Come To My Garden, which saw her skip her rock sensibilities and replace it with a jazzier feel, more apt to her vocal range. The album didn’t do well when it was released, although it definitely paved the way for her successful solo career – and now, the record is considered a masterpiece. And 4hero has got something. [NB]

Got something?

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