Review: Angus & Julia Stone by Angus & Julia Stone

Angus & Julia Stone by Angus & Julia StoneI thought I’d never hear from them anymore. News had it that the duo broke up and would just do solo stuff but here they are again, serenading me with their new album. “A Heartbreak”‘s intro was catchy enough for me; it was the kind of upbeat that wasn’t really upbeat, like it refused to be. It was the opener, after all. Just doing its job by setting the mood early on. “My Word For It”‘s closing bars transitioned well to “Grizzly Bear”, which Angus sang very nicely. Very nicely I could’ve sworn he wanted to take me home. If what he was saying was really “can I take you home?” I mean, what if it was just me hearing the wrong things? The first single “Heart Beats Slow” didn’t do much for me, though. It was the first track I heard from them in a long while, and although I have been their fan since the photographer I worship declared “Mango Tree” audio gold, I didn’t like it. I wanted to, though. I’m a sucker for good openings, and it had a nice intro. And then it plummeted from there. But let me get this straight, I’m glad they’re back, and I want to hear more from them in the future. [SY] | 3/5

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