“Well, we’re gonna be alone from here on in.”

“Shark Fin Blues” by Missy Higgins | I sort of sat on this for a couple of weeks, but here’s the semi-obligatory mention. Missy Higgins’ next album is a covers project, some sort of “best of Aussie fare” thing called Oz; but it’s not like Rod Stewart doing the American songbook. Well, of course not. I remember reading somewhere – and then agreeing – that Missy is one of those few Aussie singers who sounds very Aussie while singing, so if anybody could do these things convincingly, it would be Missy. The lead single is a cover from the Drones, a cover of what is perhaps their most popular song, the deeply affecting “Shark Fin Blues”. I’ve seen many people call this the “greatest Australian song ever” and I can’t see it – yet. Maybe I need to be exposed more? Oz comes out in a month’s time. [NB]


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