Swap week one, day one: Rainy takes on Wye Oak

“Shriek” by Wye Oak | We’re bringing you Swap Week, where Niko gives me his top five picks for me to listen to and vice versa. Slap me but I have never heard of Wye Oak – although, from what I discovered, they did “Civilian”. That song you keep hearing on TV shows and stuff. But why slap me? I’m pretty sure you’re not quite familiar with half the artists I listen to, so I should slap you. Or not. I shouldn’t start a slapfest with our readers! I’m glad I was given this song to listen to, because I’ll definitely look for their whole album on YouTube or Spotify or wherever and start listening. And if I find their album overseas I may as well get it. They’re amazeballs! [SY]

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