Review: Sonic Highways by Foo Fighters

Sonic Highways by Foo FightersWhat should your expectations of a Foo Fighters album be? Is it just hype that they’re one of the biggest bands in the world today, that their appeal still cuts across folks who endlessly proclaim their 90s cred and the new generation of bewildered ones (and not to those who think anything Dave Grohl does is shit)? Is it because they can still do good stadium anthems well? Is it because the concept of their eighth record, Sonic Highways, sees them travel across eight American cities, steeped in musical history, and make songs out of it (and in their facilities)? Did the band really need an HBO series to elevate this record into something of immense cultural significance? Should they have just presented this as Just Another Foo Fighters Record, But With Joe Walsh Doing A Solo Somewhere? What does Sonic Highways really want to be? Is it a love letter to America, made by one of its most popular sons? Or is it a record of sing-along stompers that just happen to be made in eight different places? [NB]3/5

2 thoughts on “Review: Sonic Highways by Foo Fighters

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