“I used to think relationships were a lot of stress.”

“Another Used To Be” by Joe | Now that K-Lite’s shifted from a disappointingly limited format to an exasperatingly bland one – like it ever stopped my dad from listening – I get to rediscover songs I actually liked back then, like, well, this one. Now, I was never an R&B guy, especially the saccharine kind. (Take Usher’s “Burn”, for example.) But this song – on high rotation at the Magic when I was, again, in high school – caught my attention because of the last third, when the song goes up one key, and then another key, the sentiments shooting up the roof as the stakes go similarly higher. And then I hear the song now, in 2015, and I realize it hasn’t aged well. I don’t know if it’s my tastes shifting or the fact that this is a slow jam that’s too saccharine for my liking – again, Usher’s “Burn” – but, well, this just sounds dated to me. Apart from those key changes, that is. [NB]

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