“And I know you want me to go home with you.”

“Do Not Ask” by Shy Shy Shy | Yes, this is the third Danish song I’m writing about over the past few weeks. It’s pretty clear I’m entering a Danish phase – that, or I’m reconnecting with my long dormant love of the Labrador Records sound, which is, essentially, Scandinavian twee indie pop. Or maybe it’s the whole lo-fi nature of things. Anyway, Shy Shy Shy is a two-piece from Copenhagen: Astrid Cordes and Simon Kjeldgaard share vocal duties and different instruments – and, judging from the video to this, their first single, released just last September, clumsy, adorable dancing. (Yes, yes, those are actors dancing, but still, stick with me on this one.) Also, some whistling, too. It’s carefree and lovely, the slightest undercurrent of tension defused by all that dancing – and a good first impression. [NB]

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