Instrumentals we love, part nineteen: Go on, please go on…

“Yr Love” by Holy Other | I mentioned an accidental theme, and it’s, well, songs that I didn’t want to end. Now we fly to the other end of the spectrum, and a song I was introduced to in a hail of capital letters from an enthusiastic Tootsie. Holy Other is a producer from Manchester. Guy’s keeping little details of himself available, or at least I get that from a cursory search. What I do know is that this track is four years old, and the guy hasn’t done much in the past three years or so. (His Facebook page has variations of “come back!” posts.) Tootsie found him after Jon Hopkins picked this track for his upcoming Late Night Tales compilation album, and it all ties in:  dark sensibilities, that wobble, and to me, a surprising sense of sunshine. It’s not too bright, but not too gloomy, and like yesterday’s submission, it’s a track I was surprised to see end so soon. That Icelandic build-up would lend itself nicely to some film’s end credits, if it ever gets made, that is. [NB] (Have things I should hear? Drop me a line here.)


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