“They’re just girls breaking hearts.”

“Girls” by the 1975 | So, yes, the 1975. I’m not really a fan. I’m not that familiar with their songs. I mean, they’re all right, but I don’t see what’s special with them. Then again, I’m not among the thousands who went to watch them in their concert in Manila two days ago. The band was here for a series of mall shows last year – it ended in Matt Healy fainting, if I remember correctly, I believe because they were just driven over the edge, and also because the fan reaction was apparently big. Turns out a lot of my friends are fans, but a lot of them are skeptics too. (Tootsie, for one, cited them as a band she would call shit no matter what.) Anyway, their Saturday concert – Matt apparently said it was their biggest crowd to date, and even went as far as calling Manila their “second home”, which doesn’t strike me as a bullshit remark. First thought, which will definitely be interpreted as hater-y: “if they’re big in Manila, then how big exactly are they?” Maybe it’s my familiarity with British alternative radio playlists, seeing them everywhere, not grasping that it’s not making much of an impact. That leads me to my second thought: the 1975 is, according to the band members themselves, quite big in the Philippines. If they only really knew, I’d probably say, but it’s nice to see that we have, once again, made a band bigger than they are in their home country. I never thought we’d be able to do that again. [NB]

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