“Why do I see your silhouette in every corner?”

“See You” by Hale | Early on there’s bound to be two big stories in the local scene: the impending retirement of Kamikazee, and the return of Hale. It’s like ten years ago all over again or something. Of course, back in the day Hale was part of a wave of alternative bands that appealed to everyone: nobody did not know the lyrics to “The Day You Said Goodnight”. They worked on a few albums but their cachet faded and they went their separate ways. Champ Lui Pio attempted a solo career, I think, but that suffered from bad timing. And now, they’re suddenly back, booking a pretty big slot at this year’s Wanderland, and now, releasing a new single, “See You”, which is… surprisingly good. Not that I looked down on them back then, but eventually their music felt disposable to me. Maybe it’s the ten years making us all mature. Maybe it’s Champ no longer sounding as whiny as in their biggest hits. I don’t know. All I’ll say is this: “See You” soars, but gently, and I have a good feeling about this comeback. Whether they can sustain it – the world has changed a lot, after all – remains to be seen. [NB]


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