“Lord, she found me just in time.”

“Jackie and Wilson” by Hozier | My problem with Hozier is that the first I heard of him was “Take Me To Church”. I heard that everywhere, and I didn’t like it. I mean, it wasn’t offensive. It isn’t bad. It just was everywhere, like it was begging so hard to be liked, and while people did, I didn’t. It’s the one thing that prevented me from investigating further, even if my friend Immie was singing his praises, despite his album having come out by then. Anyway, it’s now 2015, and radio stations are shifting their focus, and the Irishman’s other songs are getting play (and getting recognized for it). The church-y reverb on his breakout single remains, but there’s less of a whine and more of a swagger here. I would’ve posted “From Eden” and its lackadaisical charm, but went for this one instead, partly because of the name, and partly because it’s much more lackadaisical – because it sounds like it’s trying less. “Take Me To Church” tried too hard. This doesn’t. There you go, Hozier. I’m interested. [NB]

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