“I don’t think they know what they mean.”

“Sea Creatures” by Soak | Soak is Bridie Monds-Watson. She’s Irish, she’s just 18, and her voice is one of the most interesting things I’ve heard this year. So far. Here I go again with voices so early in the year. But a listen to her newest single, “Sea Creatures”, shows a voice that’s all vulnerable and innocent and strong, a bit like Camera Obscura‘s Tracyanne Campbell without the cynicism. This song’s been lying about for a while – apparently she wrote it when she was just 14, and everybody’s praising her stripped down versions of the song, like on her performance on RTE’s The Late Late Show two years back – so, yes, we are all late to this, but only this year is she getting a push in the UK, and maybe a proper album, too. It’s interesting to see how far she goes with this, but with a lot of fans already, I think it’s not a surprise if we hear more of her in the coming months. Maybe she’ll follow Hozier‘s footsteps and make it somewhat big in the United States? It’s not a long shot, I say. [NB]


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