Review: Vestiges & Claws by José González

Vestiges & Claws by José GonzálezIt’s been eight years since José González released a solo record – he’s been busy with his band Junip, releasing two albums in 2010 and 2013 – so there’s understandably a lot of thought coming in to Vestiges & Claws. Yes, you can expect the Swedish folkie’s usual introspective, chilled guitar work, but how will he exactly go about it? It’s hard to say this record is his best yet – call me lazy, but the nature of José’s work is that you get lost in it despite every attempt to figure it out, especially if you’re only doing it in one try – but it feels like he took the eight years between (solo) releases to refine and refine everything. Every movement here feels deliberate, the layers painstakingly assembled. And yet it all comes together effortlessly, because here we are, wallowing in his existential approach to things, wrapped around his comfortable sound, living in the atmosphere, just like that. [NB]4/5


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