2015 earthings! Fantasy Festival, part one: the Randomosity Miscellany stage

2015 earthings! Fantasy Festival: the Randomosity Miscellany stage

Here we go again: the earthings! Fantasy Festival is back, with five stages of live performances that’s all just happening in our heads. We did this last year: the earthings! team, and some friends, were tasked with picking five acts that they’d put on their own festival stage. We kick off with friend of the blog Ellia Baguio, whose five acts trip the light fantastic regardless of mood or language.

As much as the title says, it’s all about random picks from the list of my favorite things. It took me a long time to pick the artists that I want to see here play live – but I what I found more difficult was to pick a theme. Being in the radio industry for quite a while, we were trained to choose songs that would go well with one another but let’s break rules this time. Anyway, most of the tracks from my music miscellany (which I call my personal playlist) are from different genres and a variety of artists. A common denominator among these acts is that they’re either twee or trippy; they will make you dance like Anna Karina in a French New Wave Film. [EB]


I wanted the first artist in my stage to be someone I’ve never heard of before, but would instantly love the moment I first hear the first track I click from their discography on Spotify. It’s so rare nowadays to get that kind of rush when you randomly click on a track to check on it for a few minutes and end up spending hours listening to all the songs from all their EP’s or albums. Gabe Bondoc, a Filipino acoustic artist from California, won’t disappoint nor bore you. I’m sure that if you miss artists like Top Suzara and acoustic acts, you’ll love this dude and his well written music in a heartbeat.


I’m a sucker for female artists with a powerful and soulful voice. Charlene Kaye will make you sing along, grab your brush and sing in your room with only your towel on – and wait for animals to sing with you as well. Not only does she have an insanely good voice, but she also plays instruments so well. This woman needs not to try so hard to make you tune in by using autotune sorcery despite her music leaning towards up-tempo synths, as noted in her second full-length album Animal Love. Her single “Dress and Tie” (featuring Darren Criss) is one of the most eargasmic and feel-good tracks in my playlist. That duet is also to blame for up my criteria in selecting hipster-y tracks.


Cœur de Pirate, or Béatrice Martin, is a singer-songwriter from Canada whom I shall always be thankful for for bringing French music to my liking and into my playlist. Adding her to my stage will be reminiscent of Fête de la Musique, where such somber music will bring more variety to the usual stages we see and listen to nowadays. Yes, her music may sound too foreign but it’s about time people recognize her allure.


The Electric Sons will always be one of the trippiest bands in my playlist, which is why I’m including them to my stage. To be honest, I was gonna put Foster the People or Phoenix instead but, heh, I thought this band needs more acknowledgement than they currently have. Their synth riffs and swirly tunes will make you feel that trippy rush an audiophile could wish for.


Ah, The Bird and the Bee. I’m placing them last because they mark the beginning of my love for twee and synth pop. This indie pop duo seamlessly mixes jazz and electropop making it irresistably charming. Ending this stage with these guys will leave everyone in a trance of melancholia especially with their covers of the glorious tracks by Hall and Oates. (Tomorrow: Dexter Tan returns to the Fantasy Festival with five new acts.)


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