“There is a light to all this darkness, I will tell you this.”

“Younger” by Seinabo Sey | This song is a year old, apparently, but only now am I hearing this – and I am hearing this everywhere. Well, at least in the European stations I listen to. Blame the remix. It’s another one of those things where a song’s remix becomes the ubiquitous presence. (See, for example, this.) Kygo’s remix is putting this blog-adored song close – and by extension, Seinabo Sey – to the pop charts. Seinabo’s part Swedish and part Gambian – her father is the musician Mawdo Say – and her voice has this timeless thing going for it: wise and mature, yet very much energetic. She’s 23. (Or 24.) It fits a lot of places, so it’s no surprise I’m hearing her everywhere now… or, well, not quite everywhere. But I think she will be. You’ll hear her on a Manila radio station one of these days, I imagine. Maybe it’s this remix. Maybe she’s already being played, even, I don’t know. [NB]

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