Review: Lucid Dreaming by Say Lou Lou

Lucid Dreaming by Say Lou LouInfluenced by the Scandinavian affinity towards the dreamy, and with a touch of Aussie rowdiness, Say Lou Lou – sisters Elektra and Miranda, daughters of The Church’s Steve Kilbey and Pink Champagne’s Karin Jannson – have done pretty well. Their debut full-length, Lucid Dreaming, is familiar, in part because four of their six singles so far appear here, and in part because it plays with convention, and stays safe for the most part. I don’t know. Could it be my expectations? I’m not disappointed, no, but I did not expect it to blend so much. That said, the rowdiness I mentioned earlier – the little subversions, that feeling that the sisters have something unexpected up their sleeves – livens up the record, from the whole idea of “Games for Girls” to the playful intro to “Wilder than the Wind”. Lucid Dreaming is a record that shifts depending on how you approach it. [NB] | 4/5

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