Review: Another Eternity by Purity Ring

Another Eternity by Purity RingI’m a bit confused. Suddenly Purity Ring – whose debut record, Shrines, was steeped in creepy undertones that somehow worked – was enveloped with sunshine, and lots of it. Another Eternity continues the Canadian duo’s mixing of everything and somehow making it work: a bit of dubstep, a bit of hip-hop, a bit of pop, all wrapped around that blanket of electronica, all thrown in a pop and mixed together. The lyrics are still obscure yet weirdly accessible, al down to Megan James’ sweet yet deceiving coo. And yet, all that sunshine. It’s not a bad thing. Shrines, I think, suffered from being too weird – although some certainly liked it that way, and it was that quality that sold me in the first place. Another Eternity is arguably their “pop album”, although in this case, they haven’t changed much. It’s just a different packaging for what is essentially the same thing. It’s confusing, but the results are interesting. [NB] | 4/5


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