“I am drying up from all of this.”


“Cold Water” by TheSunManager | Rainy and I listened to the debut EP from TheSunManager (aka small-girl-with-big-guitar April Hernandez) while stuck in Cubao traffic. This track, the third, comes on. “I like it,” she says, connecting to an earlier conversation we had about the bouncy, for lack of a better term, beats that she prefers. “If she releases a full-length album, I bet this would get a bit more polish,” I later remarked, knowing that this is a self-produced EP and she could only do so much. And then the song faded out and I was, all, “why did you fade out?” But we enjoyed the EP, quite, down to the realization that the lyrics are hidden in the notebook (which we thought was a photo book – ah, the pleasures you get when you don’t try knowing it all). And it got us through a longer-than-usual trip from Ali Mall to Maginhawa. Not bad for a semi-impulsive purchase during an unusual (for me) visit to Cubao. I say semi-impulsive because, well, that purchase was bound to happen after I first saw her live last October[NB]


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